Friday, April 24, 2009

Eradicating Malaria With the Tony Blair Faith Foundation

Hello web-friends,

I have been appointed to my dream job and I need your help to make it rock.

I have been selected to join the Faiths Act Fellows, a cadre of 30 young interfaith leaders in the US, UK, and Canada who will spend August 2009-June 2010 working to promote malaria eradication. This is a brand-new program which will operate under the auspices of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation (yes, THAT Tony Blair) and the Interfaith Youth Core. It's all fantastically exciting! I'll be traveling to London at the end of July (farewell, Denver) for induction and training. Then it's off to a malaria hotspot in Africa for on-the-ground work. We finish with training in Chicago. I report for duty to the Islamic Networks Group in San Jose, CA on October 1st. My job will be recruiting faith communities, and especially young people of faith, to work towards malaria eradication. Getting rid of this wicked mosquito-borne sickness can be done!

It goes without saying that I will utilize the fluid world of social media in order to reach these goals. I blog, tweet, and share most things, so this will be no different. I will be relying on my network (all of you) to help me spread the word and find kinds of people who can partner with me to get things done.

I'm short on the finer points and details, and for that I apologize. As a first order of business, I need to know ANYTHING about San Jose. My first ever trip to California is this Saturday when I attend the Nonprofit Technology Conference, so any advice/thoughts are welcome.

Post what you will, and send this one far and wide - the more, the merrier!

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Robyn McIntyre said...

San Jose: the airport is crazy, but not impossible. Good Thai food in Mountain View. Visit Museum of Technology. Like beer? Check out Gordon Biersch. Old school Italian - Original Joe's. New school, Il Fornaio. People drive like maniacs. There's a sizable Vietnamese community. The Fairmont hotel is extra cool, though expensive. Almost every building has a brand you'll recognize (Google, Yahoo, Cisco, etc.), and billboards are often written in tech. Take some time to come "over the hill" to Santa Cruz. You'll love it.

Nedra Weinreich said...

Congrats on the new job! Sounds exciting - make sure you bring your mansquito suit.

All you need to know about San Jose: The Original Pancake House.

Nadeem Javaid said...

Hi Tim,

I am one of the London based Fellows and look forward to meeting you and working with you over the next year..

How was the conference? Non-profit technology is kind of my speciality be good to see what you thought?